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Voicemail to Windows Mobile

Want to get your VoIP (vonage, broadvoice, packet8...) voicemails directly on your Windows Mobile device, your iPhone or even on your mobile phone? Is the format of the voicemail you receive not compatible with your device? Welcome to the voicemail to Windows Mobile service. This service will automatically convert your voicemails to a format compatible with your device. The way the service works is simple: You will be given new email address on the domain which will be associated with your current email address. Simply have your voicemails sent to your email and they will be converted to the format you select and sent back to your regular email address. Your messages never stay on our servers. can send you your voicemails as WAV files, WMA or MP3 depending on the address that you have your mail sent to. If you use <user> you will get a WAV. If you use <user> you will get an MP3 file. If you use <user> then you will get a WMA file. The WMA files are about 50% smaller than the WAV or MP3 ones, but we will keep WAV as the default format.

If you don't have a data plan or email on your phone, you can have your voicemails converted to MMS messages (Multimedia Mobile System) and get them instantly. All you need to do is use the <user> email address.

Please note that the registration is a manual process, so there might be a small delay between the time you request the account and the time you get the confirmation email that your account is active.

If you enjoy the service and find it useful, please make a donation:

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