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MagikMail is the best YouMail client for Windows, you can get MagikMail for your Windows Phone or MagikMail preview for Windows 8..

MagikMail allows you to work with your voicemails in a much more intuitive way than traditional voicemail systems. Work with voicemails just like you work with your emails.

  • Know the sender of the message before even listening
  • Listen to your messages in any order
  • Forward a voicemail by email to anybody
  • Respond to a caller with an SMS
  • Call someone back with a simple click
  • Flag messages and organize them in folders
  • Maintain different greetings and switch easily between them
  • Get transcrptions of your voicemails to read what people have said. No need to listen to voicemails anymore
  • Choose how you get notified that you have a new voicemail, text messages or emails. Even get notified if someone doesn't leave a message
  • Know right away that you have a voicemail with a Live Tile and Toasts (only available in the full version).
  • Access your voicemails from any computer
  • Consolidate all your voicemails in one place with YouMail's DropBox

Setting up MagikMail is a breeze. You can start the application and signup with YouMail's free service directly from first launch. Once you have an account, you will be instructed on how to forward your calls so that YouMail can handle them. Optionally you can change your greeting, and the way you get notified of a new voicemail.


Download MagikMail

download for Windows Phone 7

Download MagikMail Lite (full-featured but ad-supported)

download for Windows Phone 7

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