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Welcome to MagikDHCP Server's Home page

MagikDHCP is a customizable DHCP server for Windows platforms. It can simplify your networking infrastructure by keeping a central point of control of your network's IP addresses. The latest version supports all the features that you would expect from a DHCP Server, including IP address reservations, customized responses, relay agent services to manage multiple subnets from one server and more. The software runs on most Windows platforms, including Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and .NET Server. Client support includes Windows, MacOS, Linux, Unix, PocketPC, HP JetDirect, Xbox and more.

MagikDHCP is a shareware program, you are free to try it, but if you do use it, the license fee is $15 per copy.

Key Features

  • Support for most Windows versions (98, ME, NT, 2000, XP & Server 2003)
  • Fully customizable, allows you to specify all the options that you hand out to your clients.
  • Run as a service on all platforms. The server is running as soon as the machine is running.
  • Address Reservations: guarantees that specific clients always get the same IP address. All the benefits of a static IP assignment, without the trouble of reconfiguring it if you need to change it.


Description Quantity Price per copy Purchase  
MagikDHCP 0.8a 0-100 $15

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For greater quantities, site and educational licenses, please send email to

If you are having trouble installing the program because you don't have the right version of the installer, please download MagikDHCP 0.8a With Setup Executables. This link can also be found in the files area.